Thursday, March 31, 2005

Letting Go

One of the things I have had to learn the hard way through my years of service in Lingkod is how to delegate. Political law has definitions for proper delegation; so does community. Both definitions involve giving sufficient standards. But standards vary per person, I have realized. I have had to close my eyes on many things around me because someone else was responsible for them and it would not help if I became my usual self and meddled.

How ironic that I could be such a perfectionist when I am also aware of my imperfections.

Our branch is once again sponsoring a major event in Lingkod, this time the Metro-Manila-wide Easter Celebration and Day of Renewal on Saturday, April 2. It is a whole day affair with talks, songs, and dances. There would be a good amount of time for worship and an anticipated Mass in the afternoon, to be celebrated by our friend Fr. Steve. I have been forced to minimize my participation in the preparations because of many concerns and now that the event is nearing, I have learned to keep my mouth shut and let the brothers and sisters take care of things. Is it easy for me? Far from it.

I remember our last service as a branch, which was the Unity Games for Luzon last May, and recalled how I also had to leave it to others to handle their respective services. It was a very blessed and memorable affair and the QT's really gave their all. But I could still think of little details to ask and obsess about, up to now.

Sebastian of The Little Mermaid said, "If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself" and he proceeded to sing "Kiss the Girl" so the prince would kiss Ariel and remove her from the spell.

As a Christian, I cannot take matters in my own hands like that. I have to remember that there is a log in my own eye; that I should love others as I love myself; and I should always think of others as better than me. This means I should trust my brothers and sisters and have faith in God who is in control of everything.

My job on Saturday is to join the dance. My feet are dead from the rehearsals. I will let the singers do the singing. The musicians to do the playing. The speakers to do the talking. I shall keep in mind the theme, Rejoice and Be Glad!

I shall stop worrying! Lord, I trust that you would bless that day and keep it running smoothly. I lift up to you all our practical concerns. May the Holy Spirit so fill our hearts with the joy of Easter and move us to renew our commitment to follow your Son, Jesus, the Risen Christ.

I shall start praying.

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