Friday, August 25, 2006


When people blog because you blog, it's not exactly something to blog about.

Today, however, as yet another friend informed me that she was inspired to start her own (we)blog after reading my blog posts, I was made to think about it. Maybe this could be my alternative career number 2: Encourager (see previous post sometime last June yata, on my Alternative Career No. 1: Tour Guide). So why am I looking for alternative careers? It's because I'm still singing Que Sera Sera, after all this journeying. The list is actually longer than I allow myself to write about. ;)

I'm happy when more people unleash their inner writer and just get down to it, and get even happier when they tell me that I had something to do with it. I do wish that visitors to this site would say hi by posting a comment somewhere, though. I didn't put a tag board here because, one I don't know how, and two, even if I could learn how, I wouldn't know the first thing about monitoring the tags to keep to the wholesome image of this blog. But it's ok if people prefer to lurk, like any writer my ultimate goal is simply to be read, and hopefully, to influence my readers in some way. I learned the hard way while in law school (yes, that late in life) that I can't please everybody, so readers may disagree with what I write, get bored, irritated, or even infuriated, but the bottom line is still accomplished, and that is, this blog has allowed me to express myself responsibly.

To bloggers who are born almost every minute, may you find what it is that you could contribute to the world, and be extremely blessed in the process. Through my lessons in waiting, I have shared in a lot of people's difficulties and written about the Lord's triumphs in this area of my life. To say I have found this fulfilling is an understatement.

Why do I sound like I'm spreading my wings and going somewhere else?



hey you cuz.
aamin na ako -i am one of your avid lurkers. not a day pass na di ako bumibisita sa site mo...and i think i've mentioned to you at one point na i treat your posts na parang "Our Daily Bread" ko. hehehe.
O sya, nagpaparamdam lang.
oo nga pala, do visit my new blogsite -

Ella said...

Cuzin Myra! Thanks for posting this. Miss you na. I'll jump to your site now na now na. :)