Saturday, October 13, 2007

Phantom Photo

Las Vegas 009
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I mostly worked at our lawyers' seminar in Las Vegas, but having friends who live in the area, I was able to squeeze in some sightseeing. I dined at Spago, a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Caesar's Palace. I enjoyed the buffet at Treasure Island and the shopping at the Premium Outlets. I also watched Mamma Mia at The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Phantom of the Opera at The Venetian. I wasn't a Phantom lover but it was a spectacular show. I fell asleep around four times while watching and my friend had to pinch me and remind me that I paid a lot of money and was wasting it by missing the show.

Mamma Mia was a wonderful musical and I found myself singing along. A tear fell during the scene "The Winner Takes it All". I'm a drama queen, after all.

Las Vegas is now more than just slot machines and weddings. It's a place the whole non-gambling family will love due to its myriad of dining and entertainment choices. I did not play in a single slot machine during this visit, and enjoyed myself immensely after a hard day's work.

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