Monday, December 31, 2007

What Am I Doing New Year's Eve?

What am I doing New Year's Eve? No, I'm not sorting through the thousand invitations I've received. I'm doing the Resolutions List, and blogging about them. Either I'm being brave or I'm being stupid. Nevertheless, here goes:

1. Buy Filipino. I'm so guilty of colonial mentality, and easily tempted by the lures of shopping malls when I'm abroad, whereas there are so many local brands to be proud of. I resolve to exercise my shopping skills in local retailers and stock up on homemade products.

2. Invest wisely. Some people my age have finished paying off their insurance, health care, and pension. This is my backlog.

3. Use my talents, and throw my excuses to the wind.

4. Believe in myself. After all that God has accomplished in and through me, I should be less prone to stress and anxiety, and more relaxed and focused, especially on my job.

5. Give in to discipline. Having a time in/ time out schedule at work is strange for me, but it's for my own good and I should exert more effort in this area.

6. Express love more. I've always thought, "If I love you, what's that to you?" More and more I realize that expressing love increases love.

7. Seek growth, not just wait for it. When people offer to help with my healing process, I should cooperate and not obstinately refuse to open up.

8. Be a radical Christian in a new way. I keep saying this and I've tried to yield to where the Holy Spirit had guided me in the past. This year I'm excited at what's in store, what kind of service I'll give, and what kind of lessons I'll learn.

I posted this before my year-end review, which requires more introspection. But 2007 helped rebuild me in many ways so that I enter 2008 with more hope than there ever was in me.

I wish you all a very blessed, prosperous, and wonderful New Year. Cheers!

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