Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Inspirational Blog

There's a new inspirational blog, and, you guessed it, it's not mine!

My good friend, colleague, and brother in community, Atty. Bobby Quitain, another one of them lawyers-by-day-missionaries-at-heart, has joined the blogging world and launched a new inspirational blog. Visit Bobby Q at http://bobbyquitain.wordpress.com.

Bobby will post bible reflections daily. He's a gifted preacher and writer, and through this blog he aims to gives some hope, inspiration, and encouragement to his visitors everyday.

His wife Jeng advised him to visit my blog and I gave him a disclaimer. This blog is not updated daily and worse, I'm not always inspirational or encouraging in my posts. If some found hope in my experiences, those were unintentional, albeit most welcome, results.

In fact I've been trying in vain to write a sharing for the past two years. This dry spell is taking too long.

So hop on to Bobby's blog. Come back here when you want to browse through archives of photos, plugs, passions, and persecutions of the little blogger-in-waiting. I'm not sure when real posts are going to show up here again.

Only by grace, as in everything.

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