Monday, February 18, 2008

L is for Lucy

I took that Which Cartoon Character Are You? test circulated on email a few years back and found out that I was Charlie Brown.  Well, the options were limited in that email.  Reading the Peanuts comics, however, gave me a sense of affinity with Lucy Van Pelt, Charlie's friend.  I mean, look at her words and see if she doesn't sound like me:

The most famous:
  • All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!

Got these from Wikiquote:

  • Each generation must be able to blame the previous generation for all its problems. It doesn't solve anything, but it makes us all feel better.
    • on Schroeder: I think there must be a school someplace where musicians go to learn harmony, counterpoint and sarcasm!
    • Linus criticizes her for being crabby all the time: Can I help it if I was born with crabby genes?
    • to Schroeder: You fascinate me!
    • Being crabby all day makes you hungry.
    • Get out of my way! I feel Ultra-Crabby today!
    • to Schroeder: If you really loved me you'd stop playing that piano and listen to me. (Schroeder plays louder.) I guess that's called answering without answering...
    • when asked if she believes there is life on other planets: Absolutely not! If there were, they most certainly would have tried to contact me!
    • when Charlie Brown asks her how she can be so consistently crabby: Never change a winning game!
    • Lucy was dictating her letter to Santa Claus to Linus; Linus refused to write that Lucy had been "perfect" all year, and Lucy hit him: I have an opening for a new secretary... anyone care to apply?
    • It's a scientific fact that girls are smarter than boys! And do you know who discovered it? WOMEN SCIENTISTS!

    And my favorite...

    • The crabby little girls of today are the crabby old women of tomorrow!

    Yeah, having a particularly crabby day.  Was looking for another Lucy quote that I had in a poster in my bedroom while I was growing up.  Something about how this world would be a better place if only people listened to me.  It's just a feeling that I have.  I could be wrong.  As Lucy once said:

    • I never make a mistake in my life.  I thought I did once, but I was wrong.

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