Thursday, August 14, 2008

When the Wind of Envy Blew

When the Wind of Envy Blew

By Ella © 2008

Just by straining its blades to see the other side of the field,

The little patch of grass turned green.

The brown-skinned doe idolized the albino,

While the pale white rabbit rubbed mud on its fur.

The orchids asked the roses for thorns,

And the soaring eagle wished it had the guppy’s gills.

No one stood still.

From where he was observing everything, the Lion King sighed.

For in his eyes, everything was as it should be.

And then the wind died.

And everyone was happy under the tranquil skies.


Anonymous said...

Ate dapat mabasa 'to ng iba kasi it really helps. sobrang maiintindihan kung bakit kelangan ayusin ang paglelector..
kapag sumusulat ka, naeengganyo ako basahin kasi may matututunan talaga..

Ella del Rosario said...

Hi Anonymous, sa Multiply ka nga mag-comment para ma-identify kita. But I know who you are. :) Perhaps you're referring to my other post about lectoring, because this post is about envy. :) You may share what I write with other lectors.