Sunday, September 16, 2012

Words and Music

Ugh. Major post-blog regret.  Oh, well.  Sorry for the hormone-induced drama last time.  I will try to tone down the diva in the future.

I am still here, waiting. Despondent; at times, desperate. I was inspired to write by Shakespeare tonight, and moved by the music of the Phantom of the Opera. Will such masterpieces move me to create my own?

Shakespeare I encountered through the movie "Anonymous", which should have a better title.  I am not a good student of history, so I cannot contest its plot.  But I once more saw the importance of Shakespeare's work and how it shaped the English language.  Words, coming from a man, remembered for centuries.  The pen is mightier than the sword indeed.

The Phantom, which I am not a fan of, I decided to listen to because everyone in Manila is talking about it.  I had seen it before, famously slept through it to the chagrin of my friend who had to pinch me and remind me that I was in Las Vegas and wasting my discounted ticket to one of the world's most beloved musicals. I was exhausted from working all week and did not particularly like the music.  I know.  I am weird.

Music.  I conducted choir practice the other night, and felt like a dismal failure.  I could not play the keyboards the way I wanted to.  Not anymore.  I had to do it for a good friend, though.  Last night, I visited another choir practice, but only as an observer.  I did not sing.  I did not teach a note.  I did not play the piano.  Being so detached, I did not seem to be myself anymore.

Much has changed, but I hope that I have not lost what had been given to me: the gift of words and the gift of music.  And if I have, that it is not too late for me to recover them.

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