Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sink Deep My Roots

I started re-reading The Purpose-Driven Life today as part of a program.

I was pleasantly surprised to open my copy of the book and find familiar words that spoke to me directly, from Jeremiah 17:7-8. God is not done with teaching me that lesson yet and He wants it to sink deep into my heart. That passage was written in Day One all along, and I had forgotten about that because I first read the book a year and a half ago. I knew then that this Second Reading would have a deeper meaning for me. I was impatient during my First Reading and wanted to finish it in 40 days, on my own. Of course I got stuck in some of the chapters and actually finished the book a few days off my target. Come to think of it, I’ve always been that way when I get hold of a good book, and it takes utmost self-control to savor the words and ruminate on the messages. Hopefully patience is growing to be one of my virtues.

To get a holistic PDL feel, I purchased The PDL CD featuring Jamie Rivera. In true karaoke/videoke culture, I opened the accompanying lyric sheet and sang along during my prayer time. I was struck by song number 10, the title of which is “Sink Deep Our Roots”. The words were inspired by – guess what? – our theme for NLTC 2k4, Jeremiah 17:7-8! Grabe na ‘to. Parang sinasabi sa akin “Hello, Ella. Heller! Fear no heat, fear no drought, your leaves will stay green and you will bear much grain.”

I was reminded of one of my recent realizations. Last First Friday, we invited Father Geoffrey to Lingkod QC and he gave a very inspiring homily complete with his personal testimony. I came back from the NLTC on a spiritual high, but faced heat and drought the first week in different areas of my life. I was a bit disheartened that Friday so as I listened to Father Jeff, I was hungry for comfort and assurance. The Lord did not delay – for I heard him say that “to bear fruit takes time”. It was a reminder I needed to hear that day. I was disheartened because some of my perceived sacrifices did not seem to bear the intended fruit, so there Jesus immediately assured me that results may not come during my expected time frame but they shall come, if I just stay put and deepen my roots I Him. I prayed once more for the elusive fruit of patience.

This morning I was also reminded of that truth in the first words of Day One – “It’s not about you”. It’s not about me and that is a huge relief!

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