Saturday, July 29, 2006

Co-Conspirator No. 2: Leah

With Leah and Ted, still at BCI after the GMMACQ Men's and Women's Night. Leah, to make sure I would attend the fellowship.honoring, pretended she needed to consult me about something after the prayer meeting. But she texted me Tuesday, and could have consulted me then, couldn't she?

Our smiles hardly showed that we had just braved rains and traffic and had not yet finished our dinner, and it was already close to midnight. What started as a nightmarish night for me (getting stuck in horrendous traffic and missing 90% of the prayer meeting) still turned out to be a memorable night, for my love tank was filled by the brothers and sisters from Lingkod QC, National Office, Makati and Marikina who came to BCI. Posted by Picasa

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