Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Second Gear

Job-hunting shifted to second gear this week out of necessity. If only I could prolong my vacation and get paid for it! I still dream of a good three- or eight-day retreat, or a weekend getaway - alone - in some remote beach, or a three-day treatment at the spa. Maybe when I have regular paychecks coming these would be realized. My parents and I laugh at the list of things I have to pay for, but I use them as additional motivation to find a good job. The list is getting longer everyday.

A few weeks ago, I sent out my first wave of applications online and in person. Then I waited, going out for coffee with friends in the meantime. So far the government office I wrote about at the start of the year took three weeks to follow me up on additional requirements and I used that opportunity to scout the market for other possibilities. It also gave me a chance to weigh how I really felt about working in that office.

Yesterday I returned to the office to submit their requirements. I got the usual government office treatment - waiting outside the Personnel window for a few minutes before being entertained (staff were busy talking either on the phone or to one another), and listening to their conversations that had nothing to do with work whatsoever at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon, official time. I said a silent prayer while filling up my Personnel Data Sheet,

"Lord, if it were just me I would not choose this office. If you want me to work here, please change my heart and show me the good side of this agency, as I now battle with judgmental thoughts against these government employees who are just being true to form. Take me to a more professional workplace, that's my fervent wish!"

Then I paid my former workplace a visit and had a chat with my blockmate who is not working there, together with my former boss. The Justice was so supportive of me and gave me a few suggestions where to apply. I told her where my resume had landed so far and she asked me which one I liked best, and I replied, and she assured me that she would help me. Justice helped me before too, when I cried my eyes out after my passport and visa application were taken to Hong Kong the only time that the Australian embassy in Manila decided to close. She made some calls and a few days later, my Australian visa arrived. I don't think it would work that easily this time, and she told me I might have to wait for months. She said she wanted me to work in her chamber again, unfortunately she did not have an opening for me. She thought of creating a position but dismissed the idea after Dinah pointed out that before the Department of Budget and Management approves that new position, it would be too late.

So last night I went to Jobstreet and enlarged my job search to include freelance writing jobs. I'm also helping a couple of friends in their team building activity later this month, as a Marshall and not yet as a Facilitator. I also updated my resume to look a bit more interesting to prospective employers. My previous resume bored me to death when I reviewed it.

I try harder to take it one day at a time. I have food, shelter and clothing so I have no right to complain, I tell myself. Of course I still cannot sit back and enjoy this fully. I am a choleric to the core.

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