Sunday, March 04, 2007

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Sometimes it happens that I hang out with my nephews and they get inspired to analyze my life and even offer advice. They're growing up so fast!

Luigi, 9: Tita Ella, you need to get married. (Don't ask me how this conversation started, please, but I swear I'm innocent.)

Miko, 7: No, Tita Ella is a Church Person! Church People DON'T get married, duh!

Luigi: No, no! Not all church people don't get married. Only PRIESTS don't get married! Tita Ella can get married if someone asks her to.

As I watched their conversation like an intense tennis match, I felt the beginnings of a splitting headache. But I wasn't prepared for what came next...

Miko: Tita Ella, if nobody asks you to marry them, you should ask someone.

If it were an aunt and uncle in this conversation, I would have resented it and given a witty remark, but since the boys were so cute, I was able to laugh it off and think they just loved me too much.

Last Friday, I attended a walking tour of Casa Manila, a replica of a 19th century house in Intramuros, and I was reminded that in those days, the setup was that the unmarried member of the family - whether an aunt or sister, the "old maid" or "matandang dalaga" - occupied a room below the spacious and ostentatious living room, which was located at the third or top floor of the house. It was a concrete illustration of the position that spinsters had in the family hierarchy back then.

These days, the "matandang dalaga" or old maid can buy her own condo and drive the latest car. I don't have either... yet. I'm not that old anyway!

Needless to say, this has been another enjoyable Sunday with my family.


Anonymous said...

Kids' logic are actually faultless...
(is it the parents' fault hmmm?)


Daisy said...


pinasaya mo na naman kami sa sharing mo.

but truth be told, i have a friend who did propose to her husband. true story.

Ella del Rosario said...

#Mommy-p, the kids are faultless indeed, as to the parents, I'm not too sure! Who fed the idea to the kids that I'm a church person kaya? Hahaha, I know it's not you but the other parent! ;)

Ella del Rosario said...

#Day/ Amats,

Maybe if that day comes, I'll share about my proposal here. I know someone who did that too!

I don't intend to be a matandang dalaga, just a magandang dalaga, always and forever!