Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some Webby Updates

Since my yahoo account closed on me (long story, but apparently one can lose one's decade-old yahoo profile just like that), I had missed out on several important email messages. I used that account as my default e-mail for most of the websites I signed up in. The yahoo! password retrieval system didn't work for me, as the zip code, country and birthday I provided did not match their records. This left me frustrated for two whole days! I've finally let go and decided to move on. I created a new yahoo ID and said goodbye to the photos, emails, and contacts from the last one. C'est la vie!

I found out from a person who visited my blog that Pinoy Top Blogs is back. Yup. And I have a total of ONE hit this month - and I'm sure it came from me. So I encourage you to exercise your right to vote once more, friends. Just click on the orange button at the left column of this page, that is, if you believe this blog is worthy to be up there in the Pinoy Top Blogs. Grazie!

Also, Blogger finally found a way to collect all the photos we've uploaded (at least, since December), and created our very own Picasa-Google accounts using our Google user information. I wonder if they would eventually include all the photos we've uploaded from the very start in neat little albums. They're definitely doing a Flickr on this one, and with their tie up with Blogger, it's going to be slightly different and a bit more interesting that way.

If I Had a Column...

Lessons in Waiting

My brain is fried now, I gotta turn in. I'm experiencing diminishing marginal returns in my writing. Work would still be here tomorrow anyway.

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