Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tri-City Tour

I experienced God's bountiful blessings during my tri-city trip that ended this morning.

Upon arrival in Davao two weeks ago, it seemed like Murphy's Law was at work as everything that could go wrong decided to do so, all at the same time. Speakers were issued tickets to the wrong cities, cargo arrived at the wrong airports, printer drivers refused to work, handouts were improperly collated, and so on and so forth. It was a time to run to Jesus for comfort and strength, and He provided timely help for each catastrophe that I encountered.

I met old friends from Lingkod Davao and new friends from the project I worked on.

The disasters of the day were always resolved, and at night I had time to fellowship with friends. I saw Jack's Ridge, Nanay Bebeng's Restaurant, Ah Fat behind Victoria Plaza, Damosa, Waterfront (Davao Insular Hotel), Community Center, and BluGre Coffee. I ate lots of rambutan, pomelo, and mangosteen.

The Mindanao leg of the training series I was part of ended well, but instead of resting in my Cebu hotel for the weekend, I crossed the seas to Ormoc to visit my friends from Lingkod. I joined their Culture Weekend and talked to the participants about Personal Order.

Then I spent quality time with Lingkod friends.

Finally, I returned to Cebu and delivered my first lecture on Grammar. I felt like a huge load was lifted off my chest when the week was done. I could not believe how the Lord just gave me the strength to accomplish all the work that I had to do. I closed the week with a prayer meeting, this time with Lingkod Cebu. I praised and worshipped the God who saw me through many storms and who is true to His promises to me.

Perhaps, when I've fully rested, I could recount the many ways God provided for me.

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