Saturday, September 15, 2007

Procrastinating Again

My bags aren't packed and I'm not yet ready to go. I can't get myself to finish it, as if I'm waiting for something. I've met up with several friends this past week. I've reminded myself that I need to go to confession because it's a long trip away from home that I would be taking in a few days. I've made checklists for things to do but I have a certain sense that I'm forgetting something important.

Maybe when I finally roll up my sleeves and attempt to travel light for the first time, I would see what it is that's bothering me. I know I can't finish all the work that I wanted to finish before leaving. I've begged off from the services I had volunteered for before, but haven't done everything I had planned to do to make the turnover smooth.

This always happens when I lose control of my time and I'm overrun by tasks. I take it one step at a time but somehow still miss out on certain things.

It is possible that my checklist was not comprehensive and complete in the first place.

Maybe these feelings are the effect of what happened to me. I got lost last night and arrived home late. I took a wrong turn and ended up on a deserted highway in the middle of the night. I prayed hard to be able to find my way home safely. I was thankful that I had stopped for gas earlier that day so that my tank was full. Relief flooded me when I finally saw our gate. I couldn't call or text anyone as I was afraid to pull over and be seen as alone through my clear car windows. Instead I kept driving and looking for road signs that would show me the right way. I thank God that He kept me safe and found my way back, after being lost for a short bit of time.

The hotel where I will be staying made it to the US headlines today, as that was where OJ Simpson figured in another controversial situation. I hope that by the time we check in, everything would be peaceful in that building. These things do compound the need to go to confession A.S.A.P. Life is short and we neither know the time nor the hour.

I must be sleepy and tired. I'm not my usual Disney-ending self here. I have days like these, too.

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