Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sandiganbayan: Erap is Guilty of Plunder

The verdict on former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada by the Sandiganbayan: guilty of plunder, but acquitted in the perjury case. His son Jinggoy Estrada and lawyer Edward Serapio have been acquitted of the charges.

It won't read like Harry Potter, but for those interested, you may download the full text of the decisions here. There are several mirror sites but due to the number of people downloading the files at the same time, it might take a while to open the documents. Just be patient.

I noticed that they forgot to indicate who penned the decisions (the ponente). Probably, the three magistrates comprising the Special Division wrote as one body; hence, I was looking for the words "per curiam"*. I'm in the office so will reserve my other comments for later, after I've read the decisions.

* Latin for "by the court" where the court gives an order or decision on the whole operating as a single body without any particular judge being the author. Taken from

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