Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bible Blogger

I've been invited to join a Bible Blog Directory.  I told the website owner that this blog is not exactly a Bible Blog, because there are days when I write about trivial, stupid, and personal things, although I try not to post anything irreverent, improper, or impolite.  Perhaps to add more links to their blog, they added me anyway.  I know I'm not worthy!

So I decided that to maximize this opportunity (maybe this is a direction I should have taken a long time ago), I have to put more order into my life.  I used to be part of a Christian Bloggers site, but it has since then folded up.  Maybe it will come back once the owners renew their payment for the domain name.

So my Blogspot friends, I will keep posting Lessons on Waiting on, but anything whimsical, silly, or perhaps even worldly (there have been many such posts here recently, as you may have noticed) will be posted on my other blog,  In other words, I will try to behave.  If my reflections lead me to question things or to express deep emotion, I will still share them as in the past.  But there is a proper place and time for everything.

Multiply readers won't be affected since both blogs are automatically fed into my Multiply site, "Galadriella's Tambayan" .   

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