Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dance 2009 in; Kiss 2008 Goodbye

I will remember 2008 as the year when I (in no particular order, as you will observe):

  1. Took the Retreat in Daily Life and met a new Spiritual Directress;
  2. Enrolled in a gym again and paid for a Personal Trainer;
  3. Bought my first Macbook;
  4. Reunited with a friend in need;
  5. Went to Cebu five times and to Davao two times, for work;
  6. Said goodbye to good friend and former spiritual director Fr. Geoffrey Coombe, mgl who went home to Australia;
  7. Played the piano again;
  8. Took a bold first step and did not regret it;
  9. Made Serendra/ Boni High Street my newest hangout; and
  10. Deepened my friendships with the people who mattered.
I am having the worst cramps ever so it's very difficult to write coherently.  But I thank God for the many lessons of the past year - in handling my finances, in relating to my parents, in performing at work, and in acting on my feelings.  It was a difficult year but I survived.

I do not know exactly what 2009 brings, but I approach it with hope that God has already gone before me and I only have to hold on to Him, and to never let go, so my steps will be sure.  He has allowed things to unfold so that I have work cut out for me, relationships defined for me, and challenges waiting for me.  I am not going to fuss over every detail; instead I will take it one day at a time and enjoy the ride.

After all, 2009 is the year when I will turn thirty-five. ;)

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