Friday, January 02, 2009

Day of Prayer 2009

I couldn't start the New Year right without having a Day of Prayer to sit quietly listening to God's message for me for 2009, so I set aside some time for it, and invited my friends from the BNP Choir to join me.

We went to the UP Lagoon and brought packed lunch, leftovers from our New Year's party last night.  We prayed against rain and we were grateful that it was granted.  We had a cool, windy day, and a whole campus to ourselves.  Joggers ran around the Academic Oval, but not many people went to the theater/ lagoon area.  

We spent the first hour in praise and worship.  We sang and exercised our spiritual gifts.  That early, we already heard from the Lord, through Scripture passages that we shared to the group.  Then we contemplated creation, using our senses to appreciate God's love through our chosen part of creation.  After that we had our individual time of reflection, where we answered some questions about ourselves, our goals, and plans, and then read different verses that went around the theme of serving God through the talents and gifts that He had given us.

Then we had a lovely picnic, where we had more than enough food, before proceeding to our group sharing.  One by one, we shared what we heard, felt, and decided during our individual prayer time.

I reflected on John 15, and marveled at the simplicity of Jesus' call for me in 2009.  It is to be His friend, and to bear more fruit.

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