Monday, November 30, 2009

Bo Sanchez on KCon

An update from my previous post. In the Soulfood Newsletter which I received in my email Inbox, Bo Sanchez apologized for the lunch issue. I'm pasting his apology below:

Now For My Apologies

I deeply apologize for what happened during lunchtime.

Araneta Coliseum has this bizarre rule that says participants can’t go out of the Coliseum without buying a new ticket in the afternoon.

Days before the event, we tried hard to convince the Araneta management to change this bizarre rule. But they didn’t budge. A rule is a rule, they said.

Again, I’m deeply sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. There are just some things we have no control over—and this was one of them.

I’ve already spoken my personal opinion to my team: That if Araneta doesn’t change their unreasonable rules (there are others I’d rather not talk about here), we’ll hold the KCon in another place next year.

The KCon is for you—and I’ll do everything to make it great for you!

Ok, brother Bo. I have seen my share of venue and food arrangements issues with regard to huge conferences, and I do understand that there are constraints that organizers have to live with. I think that the people were blessed during the conference and that the hunger was worth it; even a choice for some.

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