Sunday, July 01, 2012

Joyous July

Hi. Welcome back to my blog.  You may have noticed that I have not been regularly blogging in a verrry long time. The list of reasons for this is quite long but I won't bore you with it. :)

This time, I'm back for good.

I'm loving the new Blogger layout and Google+ connection. Reminds me that it's no longer 2003, the year I started this blog. Next year is my 10th anniversary, and I hope to have a vibrant online presence (again) by then. So I have to start posting again!

I've changed my title because, well, the old one needed to retire. This is my version 2.0 and my way of writing about the new chapter in my life.

This blog resurrection was inspired by two things: my life-coaching sessions and the book, "The Happiness Project."  I highly recommend the  book and the sessions. They are both life-changing.

My birth month v. 2012 started today and brought with it a heavy downpour, as always.  That's swell.  During mass this morning, the deacon, one of my very good friends, blessed all the July birthday and anniversary celebrators.  When he saw me, he showered me with holy water.

I didn't mind looking drenched for the rest of the morning. I embraced the blessing. For God has given me so many reasons to be joyful this July.

Coming up this month are a Jane Austen book club meeting, a friend's piano concert, a Rock of Ages evening, a despedida and bienvenida dinner, and a trip to Bangkok with two of my best friends.

Along with work, teaching, and the rest of my colorful life, I am almost where my life coach said I could be: leading a balanced life.

Am I the only one struggling to juggle different things? What do you do to achieve work-life balance? Please feel free to post in the Comments section below.

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