Thursday, February 17, 2005

Raindrops on Roses

It is easy to be joyful and to bring others joy. Sometimes I just forget to put that in my To Do List. I will endeavor to think about what brings me joy and what I think brings others joy. People make lists like this all the time, I know. Those are theirs; these are mine. These are a few of my favorite things.

Happiness is (in no particular order)...

1. A full body massage at Nature's Day Spa;
2. Aromatherapy foot massage;
3. Fitting into your old jeans again;
4. Having any prayer answered;
5. Seeing a dream come true - like moving into a new house or finding a spouse!;
6. Making a wish and realizing it was fulfilled - wish is for babaw things like receiving a book you've always wanted as a gift;
7. Laughing with a child - in my case, with Luigi and Miko, major therapy;
8. Eating ice cream of your favorite flavor - mine is currently coffee crumble, avocado, or pistachio;
9. Having a project and succeeding in it after blood, sweat, and tears (like editing a long manuscript; inventing the lightbulb after 1000 tries; learning a piano piece);
10. Passing the bar or board exams - especially if you waited for it for two years, like me;
11. Knowing you will see your crush later that day - now doesn't that bring sunshine to your day and a stupid grin to your face?;
12. Having a conversation a la Before Sunset with a person you are deeply attracted to and with whom you connect;
13. Morning prayers at the annual National Leaders' Training Conference of Lingkod - hands down, taste of heaven;
14. Being prayed over after the Christian Life Program (my happiest moment, one day in October 1993);
15. Reading a book you don't want to put down;
16. Listening to your favorite music while tuning out the world - classical pieces or worship songs do this for me
17. Driving without traffic and pollution - either you're abroad or too happy to notice;
18. Having spare money to go shopping with - guiltless and sans credit cards;
19. Somebody special and/or important greeting you on your birthday or even attending your party - what a thrill!
20. Receiving words of affirmation from your parents, teachers, and leaders
21. A hug from your best friend who doesn't need to know all your dramas and understands anyway;
22. Receiving a letter, not a billing statement, through ordinary post, or even a postcard from family and friends who travel;
23. A slice of baked cheesecake (from Italianni's, Blue Bacon & Green Eggs, among others);
24. Or better yet, a piece of chocolate (Haigh's, Lindt, Cloud Nine, Serg's - any kind)
24. Holding someone's hand - whether my mother's, nephew's, or a special someone's;
25. Watching a movie with someone who shares your passion and doesn't fall asleep in the movie house - my dad is a movie lover but sometimes falls asleep while watching e, hehe;
26. A fresh cup of coffee - bawal sakin because of health reasons, so the rare moments of indulgence are appreciated;
27. Sharing God's word - whether one-to-one with a kapatid or to a room-full of people, it's inspiring for me to be a messenger of God's love;
28. Dancing from the heart, when I don't have to think of steps or costumes, just feeling the music;
29. Singing - not solo, I get so nervous and it shows in my voice! - with a group or duet (like with the PIM-famous TSCS), feeling artista
30. Walking in the afternoons, before sunset.

I have to stop this list as I realize there are so many things to be happy about! Just thinking of them made me happy na. Til I find the time again...

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