Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Joy of Serving

During the Afternoon Skills Tracks session for the Branch Administration Team. I talked, they listened. That was fun! ;)

Gay and I signing "Kailangan Kita" being sung by Daniel, who unfortunately is not in this picture. This was taken during E-Night where each branch was given strictly 3 minutes (see counter flashed on the screen) to perform. The QT's rapped, danced, rocked, signed, and sang. We didn't practice as much as we used to, and ended up enjoying ourselves more.

Will upload more photos once I plow through everything that's made available through the website and the egroup of NLTC 2005.


Marlon said...

actually sis, natakpan mo si daniel :-S

Ella said...

Well ang malas namang bata nun. :D