Thursday, October 27, 2005

SPAred Once Again

After much internal debate on the pros and cons of going to the spa, I finally decided to use the gift given to me by a sister for a day of pampering. Last Tuesday, I went to Natural Spa along Katipunan to get a facial, body massage and foot massage. It was the most relaxing afternoon for me in months and I savored every minute.

As my eyes were gently closed by wet cotton swabs, I felt the therapist sprinkling cold water/solution to my face. I imagined that she's a fairy sprinkling fairy dust on my tired face. I was rejuvenated. I could do the facial treatment at home as my Ate gave me some do-it-yourself facial products. I could also use my foot spa at home to relax my aching feet. But to have someone else to do the treatments for me once in a while is really a magical experience. I was in heaven for a couple of hours.

As I was drying my hair at the spa's well-equipped powder room, I looked for my wallet to prepare my payment. I couldn't find it. I was so dazed on my way out of the house that I totally forgot to put my wallet in my purse. How quickly my brain switched to panic mode from inertia at rest.

I asked the receptionist if I could use their landline. Then I called home to ask my mother to look for my wallet in my room. In a voice loud enough for the receptionist/cashier to hear, I thanked my mom for finding my wallet.

Then, I had to face the consequences of my forgetfulness.

"Miss, naiwan ko ang wallet ko. I can pay you in cash, credit card or check, unfortunately wala akong dalang kahit anong ganun."

"Wala pong problema, ma'am. Ibalik niyo na lang mamaya. Open kami until 9 p.m."

"Do you want me to sign anything? How would you know that I'm coming back?"

"No need po, I have naman your cellphone number."

"Talaga? What's your name?"

"Maureen po."

"Maureen, may bible study pa kasi ako hanggang 8, pakihintay ako ha. I'll drive as fast as I can back tonight. Thanks for your trust."

And so it happened that I drove home without a license so I was extra careful especially along accident-prone Commonwealth Ave.

When I got back at 9, Maureen greeted me with a smile. She said that she also left her wallet once and her friend paid for everything - food, movie, taxi. I said, "Actually my friend paid for this too."

We can clearly see that one act of kindness gives birth to another. I went home with a relaxed face, body, foot, and heart.

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