Saturday, October 01, 2005

September Update

From: Ella C.H. del Rosario
Sent: Friday, September 30, 2005 10:30 AM
Subject: Updates from Yours Truly

Dear Friends,

Before I entered Lingkod Office I promised myself I would make monthly updates for my co-servants and friends to share about what God would be doing in and through me. Alas, having grand plans has hindered me from simply getting down to write to you regarding God’s movements in my life. (This is my way of saying that this letter was not written to my satisfaction, but I sent it anyway because my goal is just to keep you abreast and should not be to wait for the perfect moment to find the perfect words.)

I am grateful to God for leading me to this job as it has allowed me to embrace life more fully. Never have I been so alive, excited and fulfilled as I am now. For several weeks I had to adjust to a new lifestyle, salary, and workplace, but now those things have taken their proper place, that is, the background, and it is now a little easier for me to focus on the service of the Lord and the Lord of the service. (

I entered last August 4, 2005 with a vague idea of what I’m supposed to do. All I had going for me were six months of discernment, three journals that recorded my reflections, and around fifty friends who have encouraged me to take that leap of faith. When I took “a closer look at what I had gotten myself into” (the title of my previous sharing on the matter), I discovered that it was one thing to talk about servanthood and another to live it out.

Last September I had a firmer grip of things. I helped the Fund Development Team with their two book projects – Seasons of Grace, a devotional for women; and Good Roots… Good Fruits, stories of real faith in real life. I wrote my stories there and helped edit and proofread the articles. In celebration of Lingkod’s 21st anniversary, Lingkod QC recorded a song with MTV. So during the first week of September, I found myself doing things I enjoy so much – writing and singing. That’s when my mother commented that my new job sounds like one continuous extra-curricular activity. To realize that those activities were not extra-curricular, but part and parcel of what I do, made me joyful.

I served in the Ateneo de Manila University by helping organize and facilitate a recollection for their Theology class, in coordination with their professor who’s a member of the Ligaya. This was particularly challenging as we had to develop new material, but all ended well. In the two Sundays that we spent at the Ateneo, we touched the lives of students and it made the late nights worth it.

My work in the office includes taking down minutes of meetings – and with the upcoming National Leaders Training Conference in October, we have meetings every other day, sometimes even everyday. I also coordinate with the Board of Trustees for their needs – from endorsements to provincial branches, to maps, to legal queries (which I sometimes pass on to more experienced lawyers in the Board anyway, (), as I’m a full-time corporate secretary. This is the only legal aspect of my current work, as I draft resolutions and certifications for branches who wish to open or maintain bank accounts.

I was also asked to compile and edit the Lingkod Members’ Kit, a document that contains everything that a Lingkod member should know – from Lingkod’s history, vision and mission to our Way of Life to our prayer life. I wasn’t able to finish it on time for the NLTC this October, so we came up with a shortened version – the Lingkod Primer, which will be released soon. As one brother put it, this is my labor of love, and it’s an ongoing project.

One thing that came as a surprise was that I was asked by Mon, our national director, to be the National Administrator for Lingkod, as we need a person who could attend to this service full-time. Not knowing what this is about, I said yes. We’re still in the process of defining my job description. It’s challenging and exciting. I have never been as clueless about my job description as I am now, but I know I’m being pruned and molded in this area.

I’ve been assigned to help organize the staff retreat and Lingkod ExCom meeting and to give a track on Branch Planning during the NLTC probably in connection with this service. I was also asked to help in the Travel and Transportation needs of the NLTC, to ensure that the delegates arrive and depart safely and on time. This is a major service for me as I’m new at this, so I’m learning a lot – from tapping brothers nicely to putting my obsessive-compulsive tendencies to better use.

Once in a while I give talks during Friday prayer meetings – two weeks ago I was at Lingkod QC, and tonight I will be at Lingkod Manila. During the sisters’ household for QC I was one of their guests and speakers. I am more familiar with this type of service so I get to enjoy it more, but I’m also growing in the other areas of service that I’ve been asked to do, so I’ve learned to step out of my comfort zone and to trust God more.

I ask for your prayers that I may be like clay to the potter. I have been an intercessor this year, as part of God’s message to me at the start of 2005, and I have seen many of my intercessory prayers answered. Please do not hesitate to email or text me, if we don’t see each other in person, your concerns. There is always time for intercessory prayer.

Currently I still have many struggles, mostly about time and strength management, but I trust in the Lord who called me to this. Thank you for the tremendous support that you have given me.

By the way, to those with whom I have not shared the good news yet, I was given a five-year multiple entry visa to the US last Monday. My sister is graduating on December 15 and my parents want to take me with them. I have taken a leave from work from November 20 up to the new year. The visa came as a surprise because the consul didn’t even ask for any supporting documents. It is the Lord!

I am always at your service. God bless you!

In Christ,

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Daisy said...

HI Ella,

It is the Lord! (as Bobby said the most important part of that sentence is the exclamation point) sobra talaga !!! mag bless si God.

I am really happy to read/hear that despite the anxieties--- there are great blessings in store.

I really would like to thank you sis for your prayers of intercession. Remember that answered prayer about my lost laptop--and eventually found--I firmly believe it is the Lord! and prayers from friends. I was praying at St. Mary's that Sunday morning and felt God comfort me that all shall be well.

Enjoy your trip to the US sis! God will indeed bring you to His wonderful creations.

God bless,