Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Here's What I Really Think

Naks.  Kaka- ride on sa Valentine’s Day chuva, napagkamalan tuloy akong in-love.  

P., all I posted here were works of fiction taken from an ancient baul of memories because they sound good and because I now have the freedom to revisit them.  They do not in any way reflect my present state of mind.  

Valentine’s Day has really been milked dry by retailers in order to sell their stocks that were left over from Christmas.  This “occasion” is not even observed in other countries.  

I don’t understand what the big deal is.  St. Valentine, from what I’ve gathered, was a priest who was saintly, of course, and holy, but he sent flowers to his jailer’s wife, with a note that said “From your Valentine”!  It’s being celebrated because it’s a romantic gesture, but I don’t think the circumstances are ideal and worth imitating.

I agree though that love should be celebrated. There’s no doubt about that.  In whatever state we are, whether happily single or blissfully married, we have love all around us.  For that, I am deeply thankful.


Daisy said...

Hi Ella,

mapagkakamalan ka talagang "in-love" dahil in-Love ka naman talaga.

May God Bless indeed the joys and desires of your heart

Day and Amats :O)

PS. sis if you would look into the link I posted--St. Valentine sent flowers to the his jailers daughter

Anonymous said...

Hi... Just wondered aloud, nabuking mo pa tuloy. I agree, love should be celebrated, but it shouldn't be about a day, because that, too, shall pass....... P

Ella said...

Daisy and Amats, daughter pala!!! Hehe in that case I sit corrected. Basahin ko nga link mo...

P., ok lang yun, hahaha. This too shall pass.