Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sasha Finds Her Wings

There are few things that could glue me in front of the TV, as I don't watch it regularly, and if ever I do, I only tune in to movie, lifestyle, and news channels.

Friends since childhood have encouraged me to take up badminton, but my utter lack of athletic ability, and seeing my friend's injuries, had convinced me that I should stick to things that I had some talent for. Sports isn't one of them.

Therefore, very seldom do I watch sports on TV, but just like any woman, I get hooked on the Winter Olympics, especially in women's figure skating. It's the marriage between athletic and artistic ability that mesmerizes me.

I was therefore happy to watch on
CNN that Sasha Cohen placed first in the short program of the Winter Olympics being held in Turin, Italy. I saw a replay of her interview with Jay Leno only last night and realized how pretty this girl has grown up to be. It was one frustration in my US trip that I failed to watch a live figure skating show. That's another reason to go back someday (but only after I've visited Europe... Lord, I know You're listening!).

The unfair question on everyone's mind is whether Sasha would have dazzled had Michelle Kwan, the star US figure skater, been present. Michelle backed out from the US winter olympics team at the last minute due to an injury. I was sad to learn about that.

I'm as guilty as the rest. I've always thought of Sasha as a lesser skater, compared to Michelle, who uses the ice as her canvas and splashes color, texture, passion and emotion through her skating.

But I guess Sasha is like the rest of us, after training and waiting, we are given our golden chance. And then at the right time, we shine as well, not in a similar way as others have shone, but sending off our own imprint into the sky, in our own shape, using our own style.

Now I'm rooting for Sasha. I hope she gets the gold. And I pray that Michelle would heal soon. May she find strength in this experience of waiting.

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