Friday, June 09, 2006

The Birth of Three Babies

Last night, three women I know went into labor. This morning of June 9, 2006, three babies were born into the world from families who are close to my heart.

Jerreen gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Carmela Therese. Her doting Tita Karreen and I agree that it's a beautiful name. Madreng-madre ang dating. Pang-Carmelite.

Trina, who went into labor around the same time that I got the text message about Jerreen's, gave birth at 8:20 a.m. to a healthy baby boy. Garie said they will name him Ethan Jacob. I said, pang-Mission Impossible ang pangalan. Since he's going to be my godson, I claim that he's going to turn out to be more good-looking than Tom Cruise, the original Ethan. Or Ethan Hawke. Basta gwapong bata ito, sigurado, mana sa mommy at daddy. Trina is one of my closest friends from Sandiganbayan.

The third child of Kuya Joe Dean and Ate Ardis Sola of He Cares Foundation was born. Her name is Marianne Grace. I know she will inherit not just the good looks of her parents, but their passion for service and mission as well, and glorify God in her own way someday.

Ang sarap maging Tita! I don't go through labor, yet I see the beauty of God's creation all over again.

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