Saturday, June 17, 2006

FIFA Fevah

I am the most un-athletic person I know, but this fever somehow got to me - the FIFA World Cup fever, that is. I've realized that I can understand football an inch more than baseball (despite several long-winding explanations from my well-meaning male friends) and I can actually enjoy watching football games .

With my parents, siblings, and some relatives on vacation in Munich right now; with my nephews sporting World Cup shirts and showing off their inflatable red soccer ball; and with some of my friends talking about this FIFA thing nonstop, I got curious and started reading, watching and surfing World Cup myself.

Tomorrow June 18, there'll be a big game - Brazil v. Australia. Brazil, as the defending champion, used to be my team of choice, but being Pinoy I have a heart for the underdog. Yes, it is the first time for the Socceroos (with a name like that, one need not wonder...) to be back in the world cup finals since 1974! That being the year I was born I can count 32 years of waiting for our friends Down Under. So I'm rooting for the underdogs. But if Brazil wins, I'd still proudly wear their shirt - I like their colors. Hopefully I get one when my parents come home! Hiiint. Hiint.

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