Friday, June 02, 2006

Say Sesame!

This Lingkod QC Anniversary is brought to you by the number Six...

Our theme is Back2Ba6: Simplicity, Singlemindedness, Servanthood at Six.

Sounds so deep and mature, with good use of a tool in literature - alliteration. Yet looking at our anniv logo it just reflects the state of mind of the members - young at heart. Isn't this the trash can from which Oscar the Grouch pops out?

Oh well, as tradition dictates, we'll have a month-long celebration, with a kickoff tonight, a concelebrated Mass with Fr. Geoffrey Coombe, MGL and Fr. Steve Tynan, MGL followed immediately by Alumni Night, where QT's young and not-so-young are invited to attend. We'll have Lord's Day and E-night, which will be open to everyone, on June 24.

The reminiscing, rehearsing, and restoring has begun. For 2006, we're going Back to Basics! Back to God's Love, that is.

Happy Anniversary to my beloved brothers and sisters from Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon- Quezon City!

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