Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Speaking of Cinderella....

Yesterday I was channel-surfing and guess what was showing on Disney channel? Cinderella! I haven't seen that cartoon for decades, and on the very day that I mentioned it in my blog, the cable network picked up my thoughts... I couldn't watch the entire time, though, as I was not as much of a mouse-lover as Disney's Cinderella was.

On the same day, too, our househelper/ angel of 11 years announced that she's moving on, getting married, leaving us... So maybe I will turn into Cinderella soon! There's no way we can find someone like her. Now, where's my broom? (I said "broom". Not "groom".)

Anyways, I would like to thank Amats and Daisy for my photos. In this shot taken outside the reception venue, bride and groom Melissa and Paul can be partially seen in the background. I still have to get a photo of the couple from other people's cameras for posting here.

Last Sunday, after having me as Slave for the Day (I'm exaggerating, they're not that demanding, and I'm not that kind...), Luigi and Miko kissed me goodbye. Before stepping out the door, 8-year old Luigi said, "Bye Tita Ella! I hope you get married soon!"

"Why did you say that?" I asked, taken by surprise.

"Because I want you to have a fun family!" my nephew said, beaming.

"But you're my fun family!" I insisted.

"Nooo, another family!" came the reply.

I was shaking my head as their family car backed up our narrow street. Kids say the weirdest things!

Mag-dilang anghel sana si Luis Gabriel. :-)

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