Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Now Playing: Empty Space

It was as if God could see right through me… I listened to this song as well as Stephen Curtis Chapman’s “I Will be Here” over and over today, like a broken record.

Empty Space
Fr. Manoling Francisco, S.J.
Fr. Johnny Go, S.J.
Performed by
Bukas Palad in the album “God of Silence”; Originally recorded by Jose Mari Chan in Jesuit Music Ministry’s “Something More: Songs for Skeptics

There's an empty space in your distant gaze,
and you may look away, the void still stays.
There's a hollow part in your weary heart,
and though you try again, no smile can hide your pain.

Fear not the night within.
That's where My light begins,
so you may one day see My face.
Only I can fill your days.

There's a raging storm in your broken soul,
and how you wish away your troubled days.
There's an open door at your deepest core,
and though you lose your way you'll still come home someday.

Fear not the noise within,
that's where My voice begins,
so you may one day hear My song.
Only I can still your storms.

There's an empty room, there's a hidden wound:
this heart that burns for you, if only you knew.
You're the missing part in My yearning heart,
and I will stay around until the day you're found

May this, My whispered song,
lead you to come back home
till we're no longer far apart.
Then will your laughter fill My heart.

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