Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Alternative Career 1: Tour Guide

I still have those days when I ask myself what I will be someday and believe me, the list grows longer the more I put my mind into it!

Yesterday I had the chance to play tour guide to some kids and an Australian priest around one of my favorite spots on earth - the University of the Philippines Diliman campus. We went on a walking tour from the Oblation, through the Admin building; and then the sprawling ampitheater; then we played cards and had a picnic at the lagoon (where they climbed trees and dipped their feet on the murky waters, totally without prodding from me); then we walked down University Avenue past the tennis court and the Engineering building to the UP chapel which boasts of the work of four national artists, and I pointed out to them Delaney Hall where, as a Christian Life Series participant of Christ's Youth in Action, I was baptized in the Spirit in 1993.

We resumed walking, past the dormitories, the Film Center, the Carillon, the UP Theater, and the Bahay ng Alumni, where I pointed out to them the Chocolate Kiss Cafe but could not afford to treat them there; and we walked further towards the famous fishball stand along Ylanan Road where we had chicken balls, squidballs, and fishballs; then we walked the rest of the way, with me telling them of news stories of corpses being found along the grassy lands that surrounded us, and I pointed out to them the track oval where I preferred to do my walking, then at last we reached Commonwealth Ave., where we took the jeepney ride home. It was a fun and simple way to celebrate Jobelle and Hyvy's respective birthdays.

I remembered how much I've missed U.P. I studied there for eight years of my life - from Business Economics to Law - and went back for Lingkod prayer meetings for several years afterwards, that there is a beautiful memory at every corner for me.

I wonder if I could go back to pursue Alternative Career No. 2: Creative Writing and No. 3: Music, major in Piano.

Maybe I should go back to work.

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