Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Youth Alive Lenten Movie Review

This Holy Week, we are encouraged to walk with our Lord Jesus in His passion and death. Adults take to Scripture reading and purposeful fasting. Bible study, confession, and recollection are done more this week than any other time of the year.

For the youth, we have to come up with activities that speak the message of God's love and still cater to their energetic spirit. The youth program of the Missionaries of God's Love, Youth Alive!, based in our parish, has a summer course outlined already, starting off with a Lenten Movie Review.

Every night after the 6 p.m. mass, from Palm Sunday to Holy Wednesday, Youth Alive! will have a free movie screening at the driveway of St. Benedict's Parish, Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City.

Last night, we watched The Prince of Egypt. The movie is free; snacks are for sale at affordable prices.

During the film, the children asked so many questions and I encouraged them to read more from the Book of Exodus to find out the story of God's people. They also remembered their lessons in World History when they saw Rameses, the sphinx, the pharaohs, and other characters from the movie. It was both educational and inspirational. Many of them had seen the film before, but in the context of Holy Week and watching it from the parish, they were motivated to seek more what the message is.

Tonight we will watch Bruce Almighty. Everyone is invited to join!

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