Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers' Day, Mama!

This is Mama with her current unica hija. She has five children, four children-in-law, and two grandchildren. She and Papa will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary next Sunday. We'll drink to that. (Hey, 40th year is ruby year and I read somewhere red wine is appropriate.)

Today we ate a great meal at Luk Foo. Everyone was happy except Miko, who wanted to go to Jollibee instead. We told him he had to give in today because it was Mom's Day. He quietly ate his lunch but I heard that he was going to try to convince his other grandma to have dinner at Jollibee tonight.

Instead of a bouquet of cut flowers, Mama requested for orchids that she could take care of. We happily gave in.


Daisy said...

Happy 40th Anniversary to your Mama and Papa. Wow! such blessing of the years Ella :)

I love orchids too!

Ella del Rosario said...

Thanks Daisy. Yes, it's a blessing and worth celebrating kahit simple lang kasi 3 lang kaming nasa Pilipinas from the immediate family that day. Pangangatawanan ko na ang aking role. ;)