Thursday, May 17, 2007


Like a sandwich filling, I am in-between.
I'm neither fit nor dying;
neither young nor old;
neither successful nor broke;
neither winning nor losing.

I am floating,
leaving behind all that I have been
and believing tenaciously in a bright future Promised to me...
but for now, I am in-between.

This is a place I have never been.
I never planned this;
never wanted this;
and for sure, I don't know what to do with this.

There are days when I hold my breath in anticipation,
other days I just let out long deep sighs.
I return the balls that are thrown my way.
I close my eyes and let difficulties pass me by.

When through the cracks and crevices,
sunshine passes,
and a flower blooms like hope in my heart,
I pause to ponder,
stopping myself from analyzing its color,
and purpose in life,
but letting it be,
the promise of beauty,
in me,
and of more to come.

I am waiting -
for heaven,
or heaven on earth,
or to make sense of earth -
and I embrace The One who holds my hand
and assures me that my time shall come.

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