Saturday, May 12, 2007

YASP Picnic at DAHHA Park Last May 8

199 Teenagers (although in photo are only around 118). 15 Sessions. 1 Event: Youth Alive Summer Program!

I have more teenage friends now than when I was a teenager! This is the reason why this summer, I'm at church more times than I've ever been my entire life. It is exhausting, but a whole lot of fun, to have the Alpha Course for Youth expanded into 15 powerful presentations (with slide design, layout and animation by Fr. Geoffrey Coombe, mgl) containing teachings about the Holy Trinity infused with video clips and capped with discussion groups. Fr Brian Steele, the energetic youth chaplain, does not seem to tire of hearing the youth sing "Prince of Peace", currently the No. 1 in the YASP Charts.

Fr. Steve Tynan, mgl, our parish priest, gives full support from buying the snacks to giving the talks. It's just unbelievable how the numbers have grown. The youth keep on coming back for more. Generous parishioners and friends have sent food and Jesus has multiplied what we have. We always have leftovers, imagine that.

We're also having an ongoing Mother's Day sale and an ukay-ukay for the World Youth Day participants from among the members of Youth Alive.

Fr Brian is right, the youth singing to Jesus, "I will live my life for you" is simply great music. The sessions will end on June 2. I'm almost sad that it will be soon be over. Ok, I'll be a bit relieved to have my life back, but I'll miss the 199 kids.

Blessed am I who are childless, for I have more kids than I've ever hoped for.

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