Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Welcome to a Press Release Life

A blog is a press release about a person's life. In this blogger's case, the individual posts do not make up the whole of what life is about. There are omissions and additions everywhere. Language is tempered. Frustrations are controlled. Hurts are simplified. Even joys are minimized. Not that this blogger advocates lying, but there is a time and place for everything.

A blog is not supposed to be a repository of all things ugly, or private, or secret. It should not just be about perfectly sunny days, either. What you get when you are deprived of the naked truth is a press release version. Just because it's blogged doesn't mean it's grand. And just because it isn't blogged about doesn't mean it didn't happen. Probably, it's still being processed in some corner of the blogger's mind. Or being hidden and tucked away, never to be viewed by the public.

There are days when Life doesn't make sense, and this blogger wants to type, to speak to the world in general, and no one in particular. Thankfully, these days don't come often.

This is today's press release:

Sometimes, when the very things that are important to us do not seem to be
important to some people who are important to us,
we begin to doubt our importance in their lives.

We don't feel important at all.
But who cares, right?
Not the people who are important to us.

It's not important to be important to all people,
and our importance must lie on God alone.

Sometimes, what we deem to be important
Is not so important at all.

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