Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Dinner at Jerusalem House

The women who stayed by the river Pasig had a reunion at the Jerusalem House. With simple food and expectant faith, we shared a memorable meal. Little did we know that we would see God's hand moving in the lives of each of the 13 women who were gathered at that dinner table.

There is nothing like good food to relax Filipinos. Before we realized it, we were sharing significant moments in our individual walks with the Lord. No gifts were exchanged but the lessons learned tonight were the actual blessings we received, for every one of us revealed God's message and every one of us heard it in the manner we needed to hear it.

What began as a simple get-together turned out to be a major part of God's plan for the women of Jerusalem House and Lingkod Quezon City plus the other communities we worked hand in hand with, namely, CYA, Ligaya and Lingkod. I could sense God stirring hearts, planting seeds, and confirming prophecies tonight. I know I shall come back to Jerusalem again. I would love to watch God's plans unfold even more.

I am thankful for a great meal and a meaningful session with my sisters tonight. I regained new hope that what I am facing is not a product of my imagination, but a genuine call.

Yesterday too, after my dramatic last entry, God confirmed His call for me through my brothers and sisters in the governance team. Although still beset by anxiety sometimes, the direction I'm taking is becoming clearer and clearer everyday. This Advent, I continue to make way in my heart for the coming of Jesus in my life. The more I let go of my attachments, the deeper Jesus could take over in my heart.

Indeed God rebuilt Jerusalem and I shall continue to witness it.

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