Sunday, December 05, 2004

The First Week of Advent

It was a week of birthdays for me. My natural father, branch leader, parish priest and eldest brother all celebrated their respective birthdays within days of each other. It was a good week! With two Lingkod weddings in between, my cup overflows. I was reminded that I have to watch the party food, though. I want to still be able to fit into my clothes come January. :)

Caroling practices have begun for Lingkod. At first I thought I could not attend as much as I wanted to, but somehow my schedule is making room for it. Would this be my last year to teach and join the Lingkod QC caroling? I wonder...

Our house had been gradually decorated for Christmas over the past week. But there are no gifts under the tree yet. I hadn't gotten around to finalizing my Christmas list. Oh Christmas crammer on a government employee's budget, may the force be with me as I brave the bazaars, tiangges and malls the next three weeks.

For my discernment this coming week, I'm supposed to list down all my attachments that could hinder me from following Jesus more fully this time. I've made similar lists before so I wonder why is it that I still have not let go of all these. It is a perfect question for Advent, as I want to make room for my Savior in my heart in a deeper sense this year. Despite claiming to be a Lingkod servant for some time now, I still have a lot of attachments to people, possessions, popularity, and pride. I hope this would be an easier week than the previous ones. Having battled with giant fears, past hurts, and impure motives for service recently, I think a list of attachments would be a breeze.

I hear the voice of one calling in the desert. It's not saying "it's time for dessert!", although I did have a week of cakes, ice cream and chocolates.

Desert. Nothingness. Barrenness. That's where I shall go to meet my God this coming week.

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