Tuesday, December 07, 2004

She Who Said Yes

The Immaculate Conception Posted by Hello

I turn to you, Mama Mary, as I struggle to believe that what was promised me by the LORD shall be fulfilled. Please help me pray for obedience, submission, surrender and faith. I pray for the strength to say Yes, LORD, be it done unto me according to your will.

On September 8, Mama Mary's birthday, I started posting my process of yielding. Now, on the eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, my processing has borne fruit. To the curious, no, I'm not about to enter religious life. Another Lingkod sister has been called to that. My call is a little more secular, but every bit as radical.

I witnessed schoolchildren going through their First Communion last Sunday. I recalled my own experience on December 9, 1983, when I first received the Eucharist. So much has happened to me the past 21 years, but one thing is constant - Jesus' presence in my life.

Was every experience and lesson I went through meant to take me to this moment of decision? Then I shall cease my struggling. I shall yield to You, Lord. Whatever it is that You're asking of me, the answer is Yes! For with You nothing is impossible.

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