Thursday, March 23, 2006

Silence Becomes Me

I have lost my muse. I can't write. It's not part of my Lenten sacrifice to give up blogging, but I've had difficulty finding anything to blog about. My last entries came in trickles until finally this week I seem to have lost the very last drop of inspiration to write. I have been journaling, but those words would never see print.

So until my thoughts find their voice again, I thank you for visiting my blog and suggest you click on the links to my archives, at the right side of the page, or to other blogs and websites I've linked here.

Who knows, tomorrow my muse might come again.


marlon said...

ang problem sa paghihintay ng muse eh baka hindi na niya maisipang bumalik.

so mas ok na hanapin mo siya.

Ella said...

Sige hanapin ko siya, hindi ko alam kung saan siya nagtago. Aalis muna ako. Baka matagalan.