Sunday, March 05, 2006

When Less Means More

The Church has entered into the season of Lent.  I cannot find a better term so I would use “excited” for now, for that was how I felt when I started to pray earlier this week on what personal decisions I would make for the next forty (40) days.  I am in a working environment now when it is most conducive to pray, fast, and give.  It is a grace-filled season, but what makes it more exciting is to be with people who live out their decisions to have less of the world to have more of the Lord.

The 40 days of Lent is like a tithe in terms of time for God.  If 10% of 365 days is rounded off, it represents an offering of the year for the Lord.  Therefore the external changes include the following:  the colors at Mass are changed to purple; altar decorations are subdued; percussion instruments are minimized; and hallelujahs are removed.  The internal changes consist of decisions to fast from favorite shows, movies, desserts, and hobbies.  All these create the space to hear more of God.  The sacrifices are offered for something good – for country, for community, for family, for self.

This blog would change tones as well – I would write less about trivial things and more about spiritual reflections.  I would veer away from anger and frustration, and focus more on gratitude and mercy, especially on how these are manifested in me and the people I meet everyday.

It has only been four days since Ash Wednesday and already I feel lighter – physically and emotionally.  My head seems clearer as well – to appreciate my blessings and to find ways to share them.  There is growing room now for more of the Holy Spirit in me, and I hope in the days to come He would fill me more with the grace to become a much better follower of Jesus.

I am excited for this journey.  I hope you take this one with me.

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