Friday, October 27, 2006

From Baguio to Butuan

I'm cleaning up my inbox in an attempt to sort out my life. This is my off-season spring cleaning. My jungle of a room is next. I'm looking for a garage/rummage sale or donation box I could give all my unused and hardly used stuff to.

From Baguio:

When the Lingkod QC Music Min fellowshipped (is there such a word?) in Baguio a few months back, our last stop was a quaint little restaurant/bed & breakfast/ antique story, PNKY, that so impressed us with the food presentations and the overall ambience that we all promised to go back. This is my order, but for the life of me I can't remember now what I ordered. It was yummy, that much I can recall!

To Butuan:

This is the swimming pool at Almont Hotel's Inland Resort, my home for 10 days. I didn't have time to swim, though, so I just gazed at it.

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