Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Photos from Butuan

E-Night. Medyo putol ang picture ano!

Opening Night. I don't know what we were doing and why we posed like that. :)

Favorite hangout next to Inland - Margie's. Great Cookie Monster!

The QC sisters with Mon Samson, the National Director. My boss. :)

After the NLTC Singing Icons contest, a la Pinoy Dream Academy slash Philippine Idol. But with a twist - group singing! It was fun. I recovered from sore throat just enough to enjoy the hosting job Vannie entrusted to me.

QT's at the Restaurant near the Pool area, Inland Resort, Butuan City. Leah, Darleth (the two doctors of the conference, aside fr. Dr. Jake Yap), Juanda, Tina, and me.

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Haay naku, they're addicting talaga. If opium is for the Chinese, Korean/Taiwanese telenovela naman for me. I spent 2 days watching "My Girl", sleeping at 2AM, which is way, way past my bed time. I even have soundtracks for the series, so I'm singing mandarin and korean na, hehehe. I agree, love the plot, love the twists, love how the characters change and most of all, ang galing mambitin for each episode. That's why end up with puffy eyes the following day. -Tita Celeste