Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Storms may Come and Storms may Go

Due to typhoon Milenyo which turned our lives upside down last week, I wasn't able to blog for several days. But there are worse things - for people have died; trees have been uprooted; and billboards have been toppled. Luzon suffered a blackout and power has not yet been completely restored in all areas. In the midst of all these, I wanted to blog.

In our home front, our casualties are four goldfish, who died after 24 hours without the aquarium pump and light. Miko said it was the saddest day of his life when he lost the four. His dad was able to save the other four goldfish when he drove them over to our house, which had electricity back Friday early morning, unlike in their area which only got power back late Saturday.

Here in the office, we're busy preparing for the National Leaders' Training Conference of Lingkod to be held in Butuan City next week. The typhoon also affected our preparations.

With mounting concerns, it is good to look at the positive side of things. For just as there are storms in our lives, there are also moments of peace and joy, when good friends come together and celebrate milestones in our lives.

This photo was taken last Saturday during KJ's lifelong commitment celebration. Friends of the Servants of the Word joined together to thank God for calling KJ into this lifelong commitment as a single brother. It was a beautiful occasion. When I have the time I'd like to write more about what I learned about the different states of life, for on that night the clergy and the lay came together to celebrate God's call for each of us, which is equally beautiful. Even married couples and single people celebrated together, for we are one in the work of the Lord.

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