Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just Some Admin Matters...

This blog is under re-construction. I recently signed up for Blogger Beta, so I had to go back to my previous theme (Scribe), and forego the pink page I had been using for the past few months, in order to avail of Blogger's new features. Note the cool new archiving feature, showing posts per month, and packing the old ones per year.

It will take time before I can rebuild the Sites and Blogs list. Please be patient with me. As Menchie Rojas, the wonderful retreat master for the women during the NLTC said, "Anything worthwhile is worth waiting for."

Oh I have more to share regarding Admin, aside from these admin matters. But that will have to wait until the day I process all that went on in Butuan City. Suffice to say that I had a foretaste of what Jesus meant in John 10:10. Fullness of life is now within reach!

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