Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thinking of My Friends Down Under

I could not stop thinking about my friends today -  my friends who are cold, tired, and sleepless.

They probably sleep on the floor or at best, on a thin mattress.  They are probably yearning for a warm bath.  I know they have not eaten rice in days.  They have not seen their friends and families for more than a week now.  

Yet, they are having the time of their life, and I would rather be in their shoes.

For my friends are attending the World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia, together with other pilgrims from all over the globe.  They were hit by winter nights last weekend and rice is not the staple food where they are right now, hence the discomfort and the disorientation.

But they will see the Pope on Thursday, and they might be caught on international TV.  They are making loads of new friends and visiting new places.  I'm in touch with some of them through text so I know they're fine and are enjoying every moment of their adventure.

I can't wait to hear their stories when they go back.  I've long settled why I could not join them for WYD, but sometimes I cannot help but wish my situation were different and I could be there with them, to suffer their little sufferings for the sake of the heavenly energy that is surrounding them.

I guess, being a fellow pilgrim, I am one with them in their journey.  

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