Sunday, January 16, 2005

Two Ellas, both alike in ability

Our family has taken an active interest in the national past time – that of videoke singing. My parents bought three sets of Magic Sing – one for Ate Lani and friends in Sydney, another for Mel and friends in the US, and the last one for the rest of the family here in Don Antonio.

My two brilliant nephews (a totally subjective opinion, but I know my rights!) have been exposed to music at an early age. Both of them dream of forming their own band some day and playing different kinds of instruments. They play the piano and guitar now and can really carry a tune! They’re quite competitive with the Magic Sing too, performing a song repeatedly until they could get the highest score.

I’m not sure if I lied today. Kuya Dan showed Miko and Luigi the Magic Sing song list and the kids started giggling. Luigi proudly hollered, “Tita Ella, you have a song in the magic mic!” Miko’s whole face lit up and he approached me to ask, “Tita Ella, did you have a band? Did you record a song?” He beamed at me and looked so proud of me that I did not have the heart to tell him the whole truth.

Their mom played the song “Lumapit Ka” by Ella del Rosario of the Hotdogs in the Magic Mic and I sang a few lines. Weren’t the boys suspicious that I could not get a 100% score in my own song? They just applauded, happy to have a tita who was famous enough to be a recording artist.

I didn’t lie entirely. I was part of a band before, the Soundcheck Band from law school. I remember Karreen, Pebbles, and Regie. The rest of my band mates’ names and faces are lost in my sea of memories. We had one gig – at the “Beyond Limits” fundraiser of UP Law Bar Ops 1996, which was my pet project as then Treasurer of the Law Student Government. We obviously got that gig because I was the project head (“Can we approve this band?” “Let me think about it…”). We played as front act for DV8 and other famous bands of the time. We had a very limited repertoire. I played the keyboards and sang backup vocals. I was alone thinkin’ I was just fine, I wasn’t lookin’ for anyone to be mine... I didn’t know I was lookin’ for love…

I didn’t lie about being a recording artist, either. :) I was part of the 8-member choir that served in the worship segment of the Lingkod 20th Anniversary CD, “Not to Us, O Lord”.

I didn’t get a hundred in “Lumapit Ka” because I could not finish the song. The lyrics were not suited to very young children. Someday I would explain to the kids that there are at least two Ella del Rosarios in the world. Their aunt is the less famous one. :)

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