Sunday, December 11, 2005

All Themed Out

It's a Saturday night and we're all staying home. We got all themed out after going to four (4!) theme parks in a span of eight days.

Last week, we went to Disneyland and California Adventure on the same day, hopping from one theme park to the other following the pace set by my cousin, Ate Jean, who wanted us to see the best shows in just one day. I didn't feel the exhaustion then because at Disneyland everyone had a silly kind of happy feeling. People wore hats, ate sweets, smiled at each other, waved at cartoon characters who came to life, sang along Disney songs, and bought souvenir products at astonishing tourist prices. It was a beautiful day, marred only by the rains which soaked us while we watched the parade and hid the fireworks behind dark clouds. I missed Fantasmic too, where they projected the music and lights of Fantasia, one of Disney's earliest classics, onto the water. I might go back tomorrow to Disneyland just for that show! At California Adventure, we soared through California through Soarin; watched Golden Dreams, a story about how dreams came true for this state; and rode the Hollywood Tower of Terror, where I felt my stomach jump down all those thirteen (13!) floors. We bought our picture afterwards, showing our terrified smiles. At Disneyland I went through so many rides - Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Carribean, It's a Small World, Honey I shrunk the Audience, and the Disney Railroad.

Last Wednesday we were at Sea World, famous theme park at San Diego, where we were splashed with water by dolphins. We started out with the Arctic ... Zone? I can't recall at the moment, but I remember having a nice photo with a real live polar bear. We all enjoyed Shamu's show a lot, those killer whales just knew how to hold an audience well. In another life, if not a ballerina, actress, or figure skater, I would probably wish I could be a Sea World trainer. They all have beautiful hair and fit bodies and could swim so gracefully together with their prized fish. I took lots of pictures but cannot upload them yet - did I mention I'm having technical problems out here in Los Angeles? We also enjoyed Pets Rule. However I got a migraine from too much sunlight and all my aunts and uncles agreed that we go home at 3 p.m. for various reasons - they had aching joints, knees, shoulders, feet, name it, my companions had it. But they were all good sports, enjoying a kids' theme park for the sake of a first-timer --> yup that's me.

Today I went to Universal Studios with my niece Serena, Ate Jean, and my parents. Being a movie fan I expected to be awed by movie sets and to be surprised by Mel Gibson jumping out of a train or something. No such luck. The highlight of my day was posing with Wolverine! Hehehe. Jean Grey's loss. Eat your heart out, Rouge! Will post the photo, again, when able. I also have photos with Spiderman (several of them as he's my nephew Miko's favorite superhero), Storm, and Captain America. We went through the famed studio tour - which was simply a tour of sound stages and empty sets. I loved Wisteria Lane though, it was beautiful and I could imagine the desperate housewives walking in and out of those closed doors. We also watched the Special Effects show and the Waterworld show. We the younger ones rode the Return of the Mummy and all got dizzy afterwards. I remembered I had vertigo when they made us go through the high-speed roller coaster ride... backwards. I closed my eyes and joined the screamfest. The show I enjoyed the most was Shrek 4D. I wondered why it was 4D. Should I tell? Hmm let's just say you could get a little wet and a little blown away in there.

While eating ribs at the City Walk tonight, we made a comparison of all theme parks and unanimously agreed that Disneyland is still the best. Its claim of being The Happiest Place on Earth (now the happiest Homecoming, because it's their 50th anniversary) definitely has basis. Papa's most favorite show, however, was at Disney California Adventure - the Aladdin show. He especially liked it when he learned that a lot of Filipinas played Jasmine. While driving back home my niece played the theme song from Aladdin on her car stereo and now I can't get it out of my head!

A whole new world, a dazzling place I never knew... I could sing that song forwards and backwards way back when... I thought it would be nice to sing on one's wedding reception, with the bride and the groom flying off on a magic carpet to go to a hundred places, but before I resurrect dreams here of being a Disney princess, I'd better stop blogging.

It is a whole new world out here. A magic lamp burns inside me even without a genie to wish from.

I seriously have to get this song out of my head.

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